'Detox & Rejuvenate' Bundle

'Detox & Rejuvenate' Bundle

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If you are looking for a 5 minute facial-routine that leaves your skin feeling like you have just come back from a day at the spa; The Detox & Rejuvenate bundle might be perfect for you! Get rid off under eye circles, puffy eyes and give your skin a natural lift and boost by introducing Bloom and Gua Sha into your morning and evening routine. 

What are the benefits?
- Gives your face a natural lift 
- Firms and hydrates the skin 
- Improves blood circulation (moves stagnant blood which is responsible for dark circles and under-eye bags) 
- Relaxes muscle tension in the face 
- Reduces wrinkles and scars 
- Allows oils/balms/serums to penetrate deeper into the skin 
- Aids neckpain, headaches brought on by tight muscles 
- Highly relaxing, A true self-care moment

Facial Gua Sha is an ancient scraping method devloped by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Besides giving the face a natural lift and glow, Gua Sha's have health benefits too. By gently scraping and massaging the skin, micro-circulation is improved which moves stagnant blood and stimulates cell renewal and can overall brighten your complexion. This is extremely helpful if you are suffering from acne, trying to get rid of scars or just want to brighten up your puffy-eyes. Gua Sha scraping is a super easy and beneficial addition to your morning and evening routine and gives your face a visible glow each time after you use it!

Bloom is a powerful mixture of nourishing and nurturing oils. These cold-pressed, organic and unrefined oils are truly superfoods to your health and skin. The oil is free of chemicals and synthetic fillers, doesn't clog the pores and is suitable for all skintypes, including oily!

Using Bloom + Gua Sha together is what will create the magic. The scraping and massaging allows the oils to penetrate deeper into the skin, and therefore maximize the healing benefits of Bloom. The Rose Quartz Gua sha will have a calming effect on your face, leaving your skin feeling warm and well-circulated.


More in-depth info about the Gua Sha can be found below

What is a Gua Sha?
We could write entire books about the magic of the Gua Sha's, but to say it in short: A Facial Gua Sha is an ancient scraping massage tool developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). There are lots of different tools out there, each with a unique shape, for different body parts and made out of different types of crystals such as jade or rose quartz.

What is it used for & the benefits
A facial Gua sha is used for toning, smoothing out, lifting, but also for detoxifying and facilitating lymphatic drainage into the neck and bringing fresh blood and nutrients to the areas of the skin that may have been starved because of blockage. By scraping and stroking your face you will awaken the meridian lines and activate your body's natural healing abilities, which will help you to relieve pain and tension. It is also known as an anti-aging tool and tones the face muscles, instantly lifts the skin, reliefs headaches (relaxes the muscles that usually create headaches) and helps the skin recover from scars.

How to use
Start by cleaning your face properly, you don't wanna massage dirt into the skin. Most people use a gua sha upon awakening or after a shower/bath. Always start at the neck and jaw first and work your way up, so that you open up the lymphatic drainage at the lowest point. In this way when you get to 'scrape' the rest of your face, the fluid and toxins have somewhere to drain into like a funnel. Scrape towards the outer edges of the face, down towards the heart-area. When you are doing that the lymph drains properly into the nodes above your collarbone. Applying too much pressure will make your skin look very red, so be gentle, but not too gentle, because you really want that 'scraping effect'. Your gua sha should be angled at about 15-20° which is almost flat, but also enough to feel the gentle pull the gua sha gives you and contributes to the lifting effect. Still not sure how to use it? There are loads of tutorials online and on youtube, but this one is by far my favorite.

Gua Sha's for kids
Our facial rose quartz gua sha can also be used as a massage tool. You can use the gua sha for massaging the back, neck or lower back of your little one. Perfect for relaxing and winding down after a long day. The 'scraping method' will increase blood flow and stimulate and regulate the immune system, moving stagnant energy and relieving muscle pain and tension. It's also great for bonding time and acts as a relaxation and health-boost at the same time.

How to use it?
Gently massage some Bloom oil on your little one's upper back, focusing on the area on both sides of the spine between the spine & the shoulder blade. Start with the mid-lower back. For obvious reasons it's right behind your stomach area but this region is closely connected to digestion. Scrape downwards on the wide area of muscle either side of the spine. Feel for any tense areas and concentrate on those. Start lightly and increase pressure depending on age - the older your child is, the more chance to retain tension here. Using a firm, but gentle pressure, rub the edge of the gua aha tool down the fleshy area on one side of the spine until it starts to turn light pink.

You can go back and forth between the two sides until the skin there is pink. And don't be afraid of the skin coloring pink because this tells you that there is something happening, moving and flowing in their body, which eventually has that healing + warming effect. If you want to take it even further you can massage the legs too! Move on to the front of the thigh and on the outside muscle area of the lower leg. Scrape downwards only. Skip over the knee (too sensitive) area & stop before the ankle.

You can also massage the hands with a gua sha tool as the meridians on our hands are connected with our organs! How amazing is our body? Scrape down the palm and in particular follow the digestive organs zone. Press with the tool on any sore spot.

Additional info (gua sha)

- Material: 100% rose quartz
- Made in the USA
- Size: 8cm*5cm
- Weight: 65 grams

Bundle includes:
- Bloom oil  (150ml)
- Rose Quartz Gua Sha
- Organic linnen pouch to store the Gua Sha
- Surprise crystal (can be infused in your Bloom oil to elevate its healing magic)

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