Our mission

To provide as many people as possible with natural and healing products, and pass on our knowledge and understanding of plants and their healing properties.

Our mission is simple yet difficult. Simple because going chemical-free is much easier than most people think, and difficult because there’s so much misinformation and hidden knowledge ‘out there’. Moonbaby Naturals is more than just a brand. It's a community in which each one can teach one.

Living in the Western World makes you think that chemicals belong into our daily lives. They are hidden in our food, clothes, care products, but also in our homes, for example, the furniture we buy. Now, unfortunately, you can’t control everything that happens in today's world, but you can choose how you navigate through it and what decisions you make. We hope to inspire you to live a more natural and mindful lifestyle and make better decisions for yourself and also your family. We all invite you to take your power back. To go back to the roots and take advantage of the knowledge our ancestors provided us with.

Our mission is to awaken the great force within you. The force that wants you to thrive, be healthy and shine from the inside out!