Why does my balm have tiny little white beads in it? (This can sometimes happen)
We do not use chemicals to smoothen out our products and our balms contain the highest quality plant-butters. Those pearl-like bits just come from the Shea and will solidify when they get cold. Just rub the butter a little longer in between your palms and the bits will melt! Those little white beads are just shea butter and the presence of it does not impact the quality of the butter! 

What's the difference between 'Nourishing' & 'Calming and Healing'?
Both are very rich, nourishing and can treat extremely dry and damaged skin, such as diaper rash.  Use Nourishing when you want to give your skin that extra boost and nourishment. Use Calming and Healing when you have skin conditions such as eczema, extremely dry skin, flaky skin, sensitive skin, etc.

What does the Bum Bum Balms smell like?
Our answer would be: Earthy & Nutlike! All the ingredients we use are 100% pure and you will NEVER find synthetic fragrances or chemicals in one of our products. Pinky promise! 

Are Moonbaby Natural's products cruelty-free?
Yes! None of our products or individual ingredients is tested on animals.

No preservatives? What do you use to make sure all the products are safe and free from bacteria?
Yes, but nothing chemical or synthetic. We use vitamin E-oil in our products which contains natural antioxidants which extend the life of our products.

None of our products contain water so they do not need any synthetic preservative to keep them free from bacteria. The shelf life of our the ingredients we use is usually between 2 - 4 years, so as long as it doesn't come into contact with water we do not need to use any preservative.

Do you use artificial fragrance, SLS, parabens, or synthetic preservatives?
Our ingredients come from suppliers which products are certified organic. They claim not to use any chemicals and preservatives, and so do we!

Do Moonbaby Natural's products have an expiry date?
Yes! Since we aren't using any synthetic chemicals to extend the shelf life, our products last a little shorter than products that contain synthetic preservatives. We recommend using our products within 6 to 8 months after receiving them. 

My product is expired. Should I throw it away?
No! The shelf life we put into our products is just an indication. In this way, you are guaranteed a fresh product. The products may last longer than 12 months, and once the 'expiry' date is reached you should use your own best judgment by smelling the product or simply looking at it. If it smells 'weird' or unfresh you should not use it anymore. To keep the quality of your product, make sure to store it in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

Could I or my baby be allergic to any of the ingredients?
Everything we use is usually safe and non-allergic for everyone. However, each person is different and allergies/irritations could occur. Make sure to contact your health provider if you have specific questions or concerns about product safety, allergies or ingredients. 

On which parts of my body can I use the balm?
You can use our balms from top to bottom! Especially good as a diaper cream, but also very soothable for dry skin, eczema, stretch marks, chapped lips... You name it!

Is Bum Bum Balm cloth-diaper friendly?

Help! My Balm is melting.
If you live in a semi-cold-but-sometimes-warm-environment like us (The Netherlands), our butter is most likely not going to melt. However, if you live in a climate where the temperature is above 35C (95F), we suggest you keep the butter in the fridge to avoid continuous melting and solidifying, thus affecting the quality and shelflife of the products.

Why should I use 'Bloom' on wet skin only?
Just-showered skin best absorbs oil. The oil will blend in with your skin naturally, and quickly absorbs all the goodness. Aso, if you apply it on dry skin, it will take longer to absorb and will leave a greasy layer on your skin. Because there’s no moisture present on your skin, adding body oil won’t rehydrate it if water is not present. Once applied any moisture in the air is repelled, and not absorbed. So never use body oil on dry skin!

On which parts of my body can I use the Bloom oil?
Better ask: ''On which parts of my body CAN'T I use Bloom?'' Because yes, you can use it on your face, body, hair, and even your private parts, as our oil is great to treat diaper rash. Be free to use the oil from top to bottom.

Package information - Bloom oil
Our Bloom oil comes in a brown glass bottle which filters out UV-light and therefore protects the oils and stretches its shelf life. Moonbaby does not produce the bottles, but we carefully picked them from a trusted supplier based in Holland. We thought it would be easy if a generous amount of oil comes out of the pump, since the oil can be used from top to bottom. If you want to use it on smaller parts of your body (for example your face) it is possible to measure out the amount of oil that comes out of the pump, simply by applying less pressure when pressing the pump. A light push will go a long way :) 

3 products only?!
FOR NOW! We will add more products soon, and take over the world ;)